Search and Conversion Form of the
Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy

Please enter the frequency range: min: max: units are in: GHz or cm–1.

If GHz is checked, the format of the output will be in standard catalog form (with MHz units).
If cm–1 is checked, the frequency and error fields of the output will be in cm–1.

What is the common log of the minimum strength in catalog units?

What molecules should be included ?
(Use mouse to select entry, including all or special groups of molecules;
use mouse control click to select multiple values.)

if the species tag is marked with a asterisk at the end,
the temperature independent 2 is given
instead of the intensity I at 300K (or other value)

Calculate the A values, 2 or intensities with temperature
300 K 225 K 150 K 75 K
37.5 K 18.75 K 9.375 K
Output as text sort by (by )
intensity values as log values
or graphic( autoscale).

the query.    the form.

Note: There are several entries in our catalog with high line densities.
We recommend to inquire for lines of all molecules in small frequency regions only.

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