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Please acknowledge use of the CDMS by citing these article. You are very welcome to state the web address also. We recommend to cite the original sources of the data too, which are given in the documentations, at least as far as this is feasible.

Earlier Catalog Entries

  • Jan. 2022: H2CCNH.
  • Dec. 2021: s-cis-H2C=CHCOOH; s-trans-H2C=CHCOOH; 1,3-c-C6H8; c-C5H6-13C1; c-C5H6-13C2; c-C5H6-13C5; c-C5H6-D1; c-C5H6-D2; c-C5H6-D5; HC3HCN; HCCS+.
  • Nov. 2021: fulvene; benzvalene; dewar benzene; dimethylenecyclobutene; norbornadiene; 3-methylene-1,4-cyclohexadiene; spiro[2.4]hepta-4,6-diene; c-C5H4O; ethylidenecyclopentadiene.
  • Oct. 2021: NCCNO; azulene; azenaphthene; CCD; azenaphthylene; fluorene.
  • Sep. 2021: anti-CH2CCHCH2CN; syn-CH2CCHCH2CN; MgC5N; H2NC; MgC6H.
  • Aug. 2021: Z-CH2(CH)3CN; E-CH2(CH)3CN.
  • Jul. 2021: HC(S)CN; HC(34S)CN.
  • Mar. 2019: The program of the VAMDC-CDMS was updated. The Classic or ascii-CDMS was moved to this server. Links have been corrected and should work, but a detailed check is pending. The coding of special characters has been adjusted.
  • Nov. 2009: added note in the link which explains the aggregate spin number.

Archive "Catalog Search Form"

  • Nov. 2021: A new group was defined: Other hydrocarbons, that are hydrocarbons different from the carbon chain species CnH and CnH2, but including isotopologs.
  • Apr. 2010: started to add values at 2.725 and 5 K for some species. The log values are also displayed in the partition function table.

Archive "Molecules in Space"

  • Jan. 2022: added extragalactic methyl formate and dimethyl ether with documentations.
  • Dec. 2021: added HC3O, C5O, vinylamine, 1-, and 2-ethynylcyclopentadiene with documentations; added C3O documentation, updated those of C2O and H2CCNH.
  • Nov. 2021: added CH2CCCN with documentation.
  • Oct. 2021: added ethyl isocyanate and galactic as well as extragalactic H2NC detections with documentations; updated H2CN documentation.
  • Sep. 2021: added MgC5N and MgC6H with documentations; added H2CN documentation.
  • Aug. 2021: added HNCN, ortho-benzyne, and H2CCCHC3N with documentations; updated the dimethyl ether documentation.
  • Jul. 2021: updated CH+ and SH+ entries.

Archive "Fitting Spectra"

  • Dec. 2020: added aminoacetonitrile example.
  • Nov. 2020: added hydroxymethyl data.

Archive "Cologne Spectroscopy Data"

  • Feb. 2021: added cyclopropenone files.
  • Sep. 2020: the new n-propyl cyanide files are now available.
  • Aug. 2020: HC5N and HC7N files are available with catalog files and others.
  • Apr. 2020: Propyne files are available with catalog files and others.
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