An early account on Extragalactic acetylene was presented by
J. T. van Loon, A. A. Zijlstra, and M. A. T. Groenewegen,
Luminous Carbon Stars in the Magellanic Clouds
Astron. Astrophys. 346, (1999) 805.
Telescopes of ESO and CTIO were used to carry out observations in the L-band (at 3 μm). Broad, strong absorption was found between 3.0 and 3.3 μm which was attributed to HCN and HCCH. As usual also in the later accounts, no spectroscopic information is given and no reference to laboratory spectroscopy. The band is caused by the strong CH stretching mode of both molecules, and the contributions of the molecules can not be disentangled.

Very Large Telescope Spectra of Carbon Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud and Their Metallicity Dependence
Astrophys. J. 580, (2002) L133,
M. Matsuura, A. A. Zijlstra, J. T. van Loon, I. Yamamura, A. J. Markwick, P. M. Woods, and L. B. F. M. Waters
did not only reveal the 3.1 μm band, but also a much weaker one at 3.8 μm which is caused by ν2 + ν5 of acetylene, the combination of the CC stretch with the asymmetric bending mode. The longer wavelength band is comparatively stronger than in spectra of Galactic carbon stars. This, in turn, is interpreted in terms of, on average, larger C/O ratio in carbon stars of the LMC.

Further observations at these and even longer wavelengths of 7.5 μm (ν4 + ν5) and 13 μm (ν5) have been carried out by several groups with the Spitzer Space Telescope.

J. Bernard-Salas, E. Peeters, G. C. Sloan, J. Cami, S. Guiles, and J. R. Houck
The //Spitzer// IRS spectrum of SMP LMC 11
Astrophys. J. 652, (2006) L29.
The spectrum resembles that of the protoplanetary nebula V353 Aur, which is somewhat better known as CRL (or AFGL) 618. Butadiyne, HC4H, aka diacetylene, and hexatriyne, HC6H, aka as triacetylene, were iditified by their unresolved Q-branches of the ν8 band of butadiyne at 15.9 μm and the ν11 band of hexatriyne at 16.1 μm, respectively, as in the Galactic source.

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