Nguyen-Q-Rieu, C. Henkel, J. M. Jackson, and R. Mauersberger, R.,
Detection of HNCO in external galaxies,
Astron. Astrophys. 241, L33-L36 (1990).

Source(s): NGC253, Maffei 2, IC342
Facility: IRAM 30m

a tentative detection of one transition had been reported previously:

Nguyen-Q-Rieu, N. Nakai, and J. M. Jackson,
Dense molecular gas in galaxies - HCN, HCO<sup>+</sup>, and CS in M 82 and NGC 253,
Astron. Astrophys. 201, L23-L26 (1988).

Source(s): NGC253
Facility: Nobeyama 45m

Contributor(s): S. Thorwirth; 09/2005

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