The detection of ethenimine, aka ketenimine, in Sgr B2(N-LMH) has been reported very recently:
F. J. Lovas, J. M. Hollis, A. R. Remijan,and P. R. Jewell,
Detection of Ketenimine (CH<sub>2</sub>CNH) in Sgr B2(N) Hot Cores
Astrophys. J. 645, L137–L140 (2006).
Three lines have been detected thus far with the 100 m GBT of which one line at 4.9 GHz probably shows partially resolved hyperfine structure. The proposed single state temperature of 65 K appears to be peculiar and may indicate non-thermal population.

Contributor(s): H. S. P. Müller; 06, 2006; 12, 2021

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