C. Cabezas, J. Tang, M. Agúndez, K. Seiki, Y. Sumiyoshi, Y. Ohshima, B. Tercero, N. Marcelino, R. Fuentetaja, P. de Vicente, Y. Endo, and J. Cernicharo
announced the
Laboratory and Astronomical Discovery of the Cyanovinyl Radical H2CCCN,
Astron. Astrophys. 676, Art. No. L1 (2023)
Two a-type transitions with J = 4 − 3 and 5 − 4 and Ka = 0 around 34.9 and 43.65 GHz were detected in several fine and hyperfine components in the course of the QUIJOTE line survey carried out with the Yebes 40 m dish. Some of the lines were blended to different degrees. A rotational temperature of ~6 K was adopted. The molecule is about a factor of 26 less abundant than vinyl cyanide.

Contributor(s): H. S. P. Müller; 08, 2023

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