S. Muller, J. H. Black, M. Guélin, C. Henkel, F. Combes, M. Gérin, S. Aalto, A. Beelen, J. Darling, C. Horellou, S. Martín, K. M. Menten, Dinh-V-Trung, and M. A. Zwaan,
reported on the
Detection of chloronium and measurement of the <sup>35</sup>Cl/<sup>37</sup>Cl isotopic ratio at //z// = 0.89 toward PKS 1830-211
Astron. Astrophys. 566, (2014) Art. No. L6.
The 111 –000 transitions of H235Cl+ and H237Cl+ were observed with ALMA redshifted from about 485 GHz to about 257 GHz. The 35Cl/37Cl isotopic ratio agrees within error bars with the terrestrial ratio.

Contributor(s): H. S. P. Müller; 06, 2014

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